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Here are some pictures of Roxanne Mckee that you may have been waiting for. The Hollyoaks Babes Calendar 2008, you can find the rest of Hollyoaks girls in superiorpics, but I am just posting here two high resolution scans of Roxanne Mckee

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Watching in YouTube I found the following Roxanne Mckee Videos:

Some very interesting Roxanne Mckee Interview in Big Brother's Little Brother 8. Actually there are two videos

Just in case you want to watch them directly from YouTube:

Roxanne Mckee Interview part 1
Roxanne Mckee Interview part 2

Enjoy these screenshots from Roxanne Mckee playing Louise Summers in Hollyoaks. I am sure you are not going to regret looking at a photo of her ass. She is always changing her hairstyles, but from point of view, anything goes with her. I wish I had just one single pic of Roxanne Mckee in thong, but in Hollyoaks you just see her wearing a very sexy lingerie. The sexiest female category soap award Roxanne Mckee will very soon have more hot pictures in this fansite. One last comment, her myspace sites are a fake, becasue her birthday is wrong.



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These are the one of the most wanted HQ scans of the most wanted hot and mega-cute hollyoaks babe, Roxanne Mckee Loaded Magazine Pics. Now, each time I think there can't be any other shoot or bikini photo of Roxanne Mckee gallery, I am wrong. It doesn't really matter how old these pictures are, because the british soap awards sexiest female is the hottest woman ever, check out any celebrity fan forum and you will see. Now, Lousie Summers even has her own file on wikipedia, check it out you Hollyoaks fans.

As I've said before, this fansite will try to have every single picture of our favourite Hollyoaks sexiest female. This time are Roxanne Mckee's FHM Magazine HQ scans shoot for the August 2007 edition. Though Roxanne is not naked, I am sure you will appreciate watching her in lingerie, no dress this time, because these really are sexy pics of her. Usually, when I am looking at these photoshoots, I imagine Roxy has no boyfriend, no relationship at all, and, somehow it works, feeling much better, with no envy at all towards any male celebrity that may be dating her.

Remember, this is the ultimate Roxanne Mckee's Website
Her bio
Bikini Pictures

As you can see here, Roxanne Mckee's bikini pictures do exist, well, I dont' know if this is a huge discovery, but I guess that as Roxy doesn't make any mediatic scandals and attends any given party as any other celebutante, this pictures are a real proof of her beauty (besides FHM shoots). Now someone could give me Roxanne Mckee's agent phone number ?, she has to do more covers for Lady mags like Nuts, Zoo, Loaded and Maxim !!. If you wanna take a look at the hollyoaks star bio, just click on bio !. Just in case you were looking for Roxanne Mckee's myspace sites, I have found two, but I was really dissapointed when I found out that both were a fake.
Anyway, if you wanna visit them, here is the myspace link.
Don forget this is her ultimate fansite !

Roxanne Mckee Biography:

The english actress was born in 10 August, 1982 in the city of London (I checked many sources, if this is not Roxanne Mckee's Birthday, please let me know !).

Roxanne Mckee boyfriend: it's the same that was with her when she joined the Hollyoaks cast. There were false rumours about Roxanne dating Jamie Lomas and Elyes Gabel.

Roxanne has a degree in Politics. She obtained it at Royal Holloway, University of London.
After obtaining the degree she worked as a recruitment consultant and a waitress. She then decides to apply for drama school. It is there where she tried luck at the open auditions for the British TV soap opera Hollyoaks: she performed very well and was immediately casted for the show.

She currently plays Louise Summers in Hollyoaks.

She doesn't yet have any filmography.

She participated in the TV show Hollyoaks Extreme Challenge during 2006.
Roxanne was awarded "Sexiest Female" in the 2007 British Soap Award.
She was number 91 in FHM' s sexiest women in 2006. In 2007 she was voted number 42. She was also the cover girl for Maxim Magazine in the august 2007 edition, also for Loaded

Height: between 5'4" and 5'6"
Birthplace: London, England

IMDB Profile

Please, I need your help to complete this bio !. if there is anything you may want to add or modify to Roxanne Mckee's bio, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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Roxanne Mckee Bikini Pictures